Scale Up Your Practice

New Mexico Litigation Attorney

I strategically engage with other lawyers and law firms to help them scale up, level up, and shore up for appeals, trials, and complex litigation in New Mexico’s state and federal courts. Add more legal knowledge, skill, thoroughness, and preparation to your side.

I am a solo attorney with extensive litigation experience in both state and federal courts in New Mexico. Other lawyers and law firms use my expertise and knowledge of local courts to scale up their practice when faced with difficult, complex, or time-consuming cases that require thinking outside the box. My clients are typically smaller law firms and other sole practitioners. I offer them a variety of flexible ways to tailor my services to meet the stressful burdens and time constraints that often accompany complex litigation and appeals. I can work as lead counsel for an appeal, co-counsel at trial, or behind the scenes as an in-house consultant. I do whatever works best for my clients to help them level the playing field in the face of an opposing side that often has more resources.

I believe that an imbalance in resources should not mean an imbalance in representation. Regardless of their size or caseload, law firms should have the option of bringing in another experienced attorney, on demand, to ensure that each client is fully represented and the potential of each case is fully developed.