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Client Portal

I operate a virtual law practice where my clients can send and receive materials for their case or project whenever it is convenient for them through a secure online portal called “Clio Connect.” Clio Connect is part of a legal practice management software that allows me to share documents, calendar events, tasks, bills, and secure messages with my clients through the internet.

The first time I share something with a client on the client portal, the client will receive an e-mail message from Clio with a link to set up the client’s Clio Connect account free of charge. When setting up their accounts, clients should be sure to select a strong password and use the exact e-mail address that I used to share the item with them.

After signing up through the introductory e-mail message from Clio, clients can sign in and out of their free Clio Connect client accounts through the link on this page of my website, or by going to

Clients will also receive an e-mail message from me whenever I share a new document with them on the client portal.

Clients are always welcome to contact me via e-mail or telephone if they have questions about how to use their Clio Connect client account or prefer to use a different method of communication.

Additional support for Clio Connect is available on the Clio support website, which includes an overview for contacts and clients.

Arne's Client Portal